Terms and Conditions

Before a booking is valid the following must be fulfilled.

Payment Terms:

1. Full payment for the rented property must be received no later than 4 weeks before the start of the rental period.

2. Full payment will be required immediately if a booking is made less than 4 weeks prior to the start of the rental period.

3. We do have the facility to pay by credit card and we invoice you in IDR. The alternative to this is the International Currency Transaction Company OFX which we now use for currency exchange. All this will be detailed on your invoice.

4. If the final payment is not received by the date requested, Kejora Villas-Suites reserves the right to cancel the booking and
apply cancellation charges as stated below. We will notify you two weeks before the final payment is due.

5. The client must pay all Bank charges both from originating bank and Indonesian receiving bank.


Cancellations must be made in writing to Kejora Villas-Suites. After full payment has been received, Kejora Villas-Suites will apply the following cancellation charges:

50% charged if cancelled within 8 weeks

75% charged if cancelled within 4 weeks

100% charged if cancelled within 7 days

The client must pay all bank charges if the refund is made by bank transfer.

Note: No refund of the deposit will be made.

General Conditions

Before & during occupancy of the rented property

1. Please inform us of your arrival and departure time at least two weeks prior to the start of your holiday on the Guest Holiday Rental Form. This will help us to give you a better service and avoid waiting time at check-in and check-out of your Kejora villa or suite.

2. The client agrees to maintain the holiday rental property and its contents in the same condition as at the beginning of the holiday. The client must inform Kejora Villas-Suites any breakages, losses or damage to the holiday rental property. The client will be responsible for the cost of any damage caused by him or his party or any additional cleaning charges.

3. The maximum persons allowed in the holiday accommodation is agreed at time of booking . The maximum number of persons per property is specified on the booking form. This is to conform with local police registration requirements. Please bring a copy of your passport to be available on check in.

4. If Kejora Villas becomes aware that the number of persons is exceeded, we reserve the right to terminate the booking without any refunds, or apply an extra charge for any additional persons.

5. Any extra charges incurred during the rental period will be charged separately and must be settled before departure by cash or credit card.

6. A refundable cash security deposit of $200 AUD/USD will be required to be paid by the client upon arrival. The security deposit must be paid in cash. The deposit will be refunded provided the holiday rental property, on inspection, is left in a clean and tidy condition. If the holiday rental property is left in an unreasonable condition Kejora Villas-Suites will pay for the extra cleaning, breakages, missing items and repairs from the deposit. If the guest vacates the holiday rental property without a representative from Kejora Villas-Suites being present, we will refund the deposit within 10 working days of the departure into the guest’s specified bank account.

7. Clients are responsible for the keys to the villa or suites. If the keys are lost there will be a replacement charge of $25.

8. Fresh bed sheets and towels and beach towels will be provided.

9. Your villa or suite will be serviced daily between 9am and 4pm.

Properties are available after 15.00hrs on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 12.00 noon the day of departure, unless previously agreed by Kejora Villas-Suites


Special events may be held in the villas on request. We can help with arranging these and the request should be communicated before booking the villa.. Additional fees will apply for functions.

Kejora Villas-Suites are obliged to notify the time and length of special events that may incur more people, noise, use of facilities other than normal to the neighbours and the local banjar. Permission must be given before any event is held and consideration of other villa guests must be respected.

Kejora staff are happy to assist with arranging events, and catering. Shopping and decorations, entertainment will be charged to the villa separately with at 25% surcharge.

STRICTLY NO ILLEGAL DRUGS are permitted on the villa premises. Extremely harsh penalties exist in Indonesia for possession or use of illegal drugs.


Kejora Villas-Suites have a strict non-smoking policy inside all villas. Smoking is permitted in the outdoor areas and we ask that you consider the environment by disposing of cigarettes safely in the ashtrays provided outdoors.


1. Kejora Villas-Suites acts as a booking agent for the property owner and administers the property on his or her behalf.

2. The rental agreement is between the rental property owner and the tenant. Kejora Villas-Suites is authorized to issue booking confirmations on behalf of the owner.

3. Kejora Villas-Suites cannot be held responsible for any claims for refunds, nor for compensation claims.

4. Kejora Villas-Suites cannot be held responsible for any death, injury, accidents, break-ins or any other damage by whatever cause.

5. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children whilst staying at all properties managed by Kejora Villas-Suites. Pool fences are available upon request.

6. Kejora Villas-Suites strongly advise all clients to take out adequate travel and personal insurance to cover all risks.

7. In case a problem arises Kejora Villas-Suites will do our utmost to help the client.

8. Kejora Villas-Suites have been designed with safety and security in mind. But the presence of swimming pools, water features, statues and other outdoor elements, require that the owner and management expressively disclaim any and all liability.

9. Failure to comply with the above mentioned terms will render the booking void and no compensation will be paid.

All bookings are subject to the above terms and conditions. Any non- compliance will render the booking void and no compensation will be paid.