XFat Challenge October 21, 2016

A few weeks ago we ‘launched’ Liz’s first steps in the X Fat Challenge. It’s a huge commitment to well-being, health, happiness and also to raising 1 billion IDR for 4 fabulous charities. Liz’s team supports the charity Bali Children Foundation, which is a charity that aims to provide an educational pathway and system for underprivileged and disadvantaged Balinese children.

Liz has some incredible goals during this challenge, for very personal reasons. Her number one goal was to be able to race her grandsons to the swings – I think her grandsons will love that as much as she will! Liz also wants to learn to change her eating habits and give up sugar and being a serious sweet-tooth, that’s akin to giving up a very strong addiction. She also wants to feel stronger, drop a few kilos, and have more energy; all of which will help immensely with her existing knee injury. And while Liz is dedicated to Sanur, she also feels the XFat Challenge will help make new friends outside of Sanur, create new networks, and get her to adventure into other parts of Bali.


Other than reaching all these goals and that being the reward, Liz is going to treat herself to a new wardrobe and maybe even a trip away – and I’ve seen how hard she is working and I know she will get there!  (PS I’m Clare from The Travellist and I interviewed Liz about her journey on XFat Challenge so far)

The hardest bit so far has been giving up carbs and sugar, changing your diet after many years isn’t easy and add to that you are also going on a exercise crash course bootcamp-style…massive adjustments have been made with more to come. But Liz does have the support of the other 22 Challengees plus the organisers, trainers and nutritionists…and all of us!


Liz has surprised herself in that she is enjoying getting up and being present, going to the gym, doing laps of the pool before work, and during different kinds of training. It’s all adding up to more energy during the day and not fading at 4pm…or craving a sugar fix.

The most recent challenge Liz completed was a complete healthy lifestyle immersion weekend. She went to Candi Dasa with other Challengees and Wayan Ben (trainer) and they trekked for hours through rice fields and ravines, did early morning boot-camp on the beach, a 2 hour bike ride from Candi Dasa to Tirta Gangga in very hot and humid conditions….but she did get to eat the delicious and healthy food created by Penny Williams from Bali Asli.



So far Liz has lost 5kgs plus 12cms all over – after just 5 weeks! The next weigh-in is in 3 weeks so support Liz and send lots of words of encouragement. Changing your life is never easy but with goals like Liz’s, I know she will get there.

Also stay tuned for details on how you can be a part of the Xfat Challenge by supporting Liz and all the charities – lots of fun and goodies coming up soon!


Galungan and Kuningan September 14, 2016

With all the restaurant, bars and shops, it’s easy to forget that Sanur is actually a village…nothing like the most incredible ceremony to remind us of the environment we live in and the respect we need to pay to the beliefs of this country.

Galungan and Kuningan fall at different dates every year because the Hindu calendar is actually 210 days long. It is a very important time during the calendar with many local people leaving their ‘town’ homes and work to go back to their family villages for celebration and ceremony. Local schools are on holidays and many offices shut down for the 10 day period.



Why we love Sanur September 1, 2016

A huge congratulations to @13bigmatt (Instagram name) who won our #ilovesanur competition. Matt wins 2 nights accommodation in Villa 9 at Kejora plus a delicious continental breakfast every morning of the stay. Matt’s photo showed all the elements of Sanur beach…games, ocean, sunshine, sand, sun loungers, and people relaxing! Great photo and well done!


We are unashamedly biased about our love of Sanur. And not because we live here…it’s why we came to live here really. Sanur offers the best of Bali but in a smaller and quieter village than some of the bustling tourist spots of Bali.


We love that Sanur has one main street with lots of little streets running off it, all bursting with gorgeous villas, warungs, restaurants and markets. What is it they say about the Sydney Harbour Bridge…once you finish painting it you have to go back to the beginning and start again? Well, that’s a bit like the main street of Sanur. Once you’ve walked the street and tried some favourites, you really need to start all over again because new places are popping up daily and there is always something different to try.

13895404_1031278010300952_4685399357678726495_n (more…)

#ilovesanur June 7, 2016

#ilovesanur! And we want to share the love and see how much everyone else loves Sanur. Oh…we also want to give away 2 nights free accommodation in stunning villa 9. Here’s how you can win:

Between now and August 15, find a photo you took or take a new photo of your favourite place, view, beach, restaurant, anything in Sanur!

Load it on Instagram or PM the photo to the Kejora Villas-Suites Facebook page and we will load it onto Instagram and Facebook for you.

You must use two hashtags when loading the images to qualify to win. So when you load your images to Instagram, or send them to us via Facebook, make sure you include #kejora_villas and #ilovesanur


Parties at The Glass House May 21, 2016

If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll know that The Glass House just featured on The Bali Bible’s list of top cafes in Bali. Such lovely recognition of the incredible team there – I always knew they were fab and now lots of people know how fab they are!

The Glass House team take pride in what they do and what they really love doing is hosting parties, and it shows. Just recently we were proud to cater and host two parties for lovely guests of The Glass House.


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